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10pcs Cutie Lovely Adorable Mini Animal Theme Nesting Dolls Matryoshka Russian Doll Popular Handmade Kids Girl Gifts Toy (Yellow Duck)

Main features:
- Wood made yellow duck nesting dolls, lightweight, safe and sturdy
- Contains 10 similar duck dolls. The largest duck is 5.9" High
- Funny yellow dark painting, all are painted by hand
- Great fun toys for kids to play with, every joy out there. Look. Ten ducks swimming together
- Put alone as a whole, or line up horizontally in order, making for decoration

Nesting doll, or Matryoshka, is a set of traditional Russian dolls, making its debut in the late 19th century in Russia.
The name has somewhat gained around the world and become a notable must-have souvenir from Russia.
The doll set consists of multiple separate ones that smaller one is put inside a larger hollower one.
The structure is simple yet intriguing as when you seem to constantly discovery little ones inside. It is an engaging experience.They are cute. Big Red Mouth and Big Eyes.You can imagine they are swimming together

Material: Basswood.
Pattern: The dolls look so cute in their round bulgy shape.The many ten layers help you get as much fun as possible.
These dolls are coated with yellow handmade paint pertaining to the cartoonic duck theme.
The illustrated duck is highly personified wearing humanly smile.It has orange wings resting aside, feet displayed in front.
And if you think carefully, the duck is like taking a seat down, or tripping over with all fours up. Adorable, isn't it?
The feet are missed in last three dolls, because of lack of room.
Size: Largest: H x D(diameter)= 15 x 12 cm/5.9" x 4.7"
Smallest: H x D= 1.3x 1.4 cm/0.5" x 0.6"

Package include:
10 x Nesting dolls

Choking hazard! Not recommend for kids under 3, because it contains small and tiny parts.
Painting on each doll is different from the rest due to its handmade quality.

Brand: Winterworm

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