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Edible By Design Large 7mm & 10mm Hearts Sprinkles, Black

Main features:
- New Recipe
- Cup Cake Decorations
- Hand Made in the UK
- Best of Ingredients
- Product Honesty Statement

Our Totally Edible Paper Shapes come in either bags or pots dependent upon the size of the shape. This is not rice paper but a glossy edible paper.

The paper is water resistant. You can either sprinkle or place the shapes on your creations, or place on wet icing and they will meld into the surface.

The paper has a light citrus taste. If immersed in liquid, it will soften after time It can be used on top of liquid and will float.

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have and you can contact us via amazon. Honesty Statement All of our products are made by hand in house from raw ingredients.

We do not pack and re-sell items bought from other suppliers. Where the products are supplied in moulds, we also make the moulds.

We never ever photoshop our products to add extra 'bling & sparkle'. We photograph our products as seen in order that you, the customer, know what you are getting.

As our products are handmade, there may be slight imperfections and differences in colour from batch to batch. This is due to the handmade nature of the product.

Brand: Edible By Design

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