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Fansela(TM) Mens PU Leather Suede Lace Up Platform Shoes Size 9 Blue

Main features:
- When you buy our products, please choose to buy the one Sold by Fansela and Fulfilled by Amazon, or choose the one Sold by Fansela. There are some other sellers who may sell our products here with lower price, but the quality of their products can not be guaranted, and their after-sales service is not good, so please just buy the products Sold by Fansela!
- Outstanding after-sales service, when you choose the items Sold by Fansela and Fuilfilled by Amazon, you can get 100% money-back guarantee, no worry for purchasing all the time!
- When you choose the item Sold by Fansela and Fuilfilled by Amazon, the quality of its can be guaranteed. It can be used everyday and still look new after long-time use.
- Beautiful and comfortable shoes, which makes you look elegant.
- Lightweight shoes, you will not feel tired even after long-time wearing.


Product Description

Package Content: 1 x Pair of Men's shoes


1. Ventilated sole and soft foot pad.

2.Easy to take off.
3.You will feel very comfortable to wear thoese shoes,fit for men in many occasions.

4.This item might doesn't smell good when opened, it can be good after ventilate it for a while.
5. Please check the size chart before ordering from us.

Attention! Fansela is US registered trademark.The Serial Number is 86672184. There are some malicious sellers who are selling our products here too, be careful, since most of them are selling fake products , and no after-sales service, their prices is lower, but no guarantee and fame at all.

So, ATTENTION! BEFORE ADDING YOUR DESIRED ITEM TO THE CART, MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARE BUYING products Sold by Fansela and Fulfilled by Amazon, or at least be sure that you are buying products SOLD BY FANSELA!!!!


Brand: Fansela

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