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Lucetta Red Magnetic Bike Lights, Steady or Flashing, 2 Pieces, Safety Lights!

Main features:
- Each time you attach the light, the strob frequency changes from steady to a slow and fast blink
- Highly magnetized where it won't slip from a bumpy street
- Two lights for the front and back of your bike: 1 Red and 1 White
- They connect together for subtle transportation as you slip it into your pocket
- Lithium Batteries included

Revolutionize your bike safety with magnetic Bike Lights. We know how much of a hassle it is to attach these safety lights; and how you're worried someone might steal them, or that they're too large and goofy to even be considered stylish.

Well, that's alright. With the new Lucetta Magnetic Bike Lights, safety could not have been any safer and cooler.

These lights easily pop onto your metal bike frame, different strobe frequency to select, and when you're finished, just pop them off, snap them together, and slip them in your pocket, away from pesky thieves. These minimalist light sources are so subtle on your bike, you won't have to worry about how stylish they look.

Do yourself a favor, and be safe with these lights.

Brand: Lucetta

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