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OFKP® Handmade Bamboo Wireless Mouse Mice

Main features:
- Durable & Long lasting: Gloss-finished, solid construction.
- Health & Comfort: Anti-static, radiation control, fatigue relief.
- NOTE: Cable does not have the reset button!
- Global initialized & Trendish: innovative handmade design.
- Scroll wheel is latex.


Product Details

This product is a 3-button optical mouse whole bamboo area, high-speed mouse reporting rates as high as 125 reports, user two AAA batteries power supply. Acceptance and launch permanent line, not dropped. Support for the computer to sleep and wake up their sleep to wake up.

Applicable desktop: common flat work surface.

Wheel effects: There are IE brower documentation unlimited zoom and other functions, fasdt and convenient.

maintenance: the battery is depleted bateries need to be replaced.

Compatibility: Windows98/2000/XP/NT/Vista/WIN7 fully compatible personal computers.


Open the cover, remove the receiver and plug into a PC USB port.
Fitting two AAA batteries in the mouse, the battery must be installed correctly note, the spring on the battery"-" pole. Mounted on the bottom cover, then can be used.
CPI switch: Tap the bottom of the mouse CPI switch button to complete the 1200/1600 switch . Usually it is 1200 CPI.

General Characteristics:

Size: 95*60*35 mm
Operating temperature: 0-55°C

Package Included

1 x Handmade Bamboo Wireless Mouse

Brand: OFKP®

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