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SeeYou, Crystal Rectangular Frameless Moroccan Wall Mirror (19.6 X 27.5)

Main features:
- DESIGNER MIRROR - This Beautiful and unique mirror was designed by Hila Halfon, artist, and musician with love to the fusion between oriental and modern worlds.
- MATERIALS ARE FROM THE HIGHEST QUALITY - Made from 4mm thick crystal mirror using the latest in glass digital printing cutting and polishing. Seven layers of the image are applied directly onto the mirror.
- HANGING READY - We know that hanging a mirror can be a hassle so we created our mirrors hanging ready you only need to drill two holes in the wall to attach the included wooden bracket.
- STRONG & EASY TO MAINTAIN - Made of hard and extra strong materials for years of use. Also, durable in humid areas such as bathrooms.
- SEE-THROUGH DESIGN - The ink is printed directly on the glass, rather than on a printed paper that was glued to the glass. This unique design method changes the way a person looks itself at the mirror.

Print Technique Used: Under this design technique mirror is polished from the rear side so that the polished parts become transparent. After polishing, we paint the back side of the mirror. Using this technique, we create an element which becomes part of the mirror.

"The people we are in relationships with a mirror, reflecting our own beliefs,
and simultaneously we are mirrors, reflecting their beliefs." Shakti Gawain

Hila Halfon is a passionate mirror designer that creates her mirrors from a belief
that people should look at themselves more in the mirror, love themselves as they
are, naturally with no extra effect. By creating designs from a lot of different
worlds, Hila is giving the people the opportunity to choose the right framework
that they want to see themselves in every day.

Why choosing this mirrors:
• Designer Mirror
• Highest material quality
• Hanging Ready
• Strong & Easy To Maintain
• See-through Design

Our promise to you:
When you buy Hila Halfon's mirrors you can be sure that you get the highest
quality on the market. It's super easy and safe to install on the wall.
If by any chance you have any problem with the mirrors we are here to
listen to what you have to say.

Brand: SeeYou By Hila Halfon

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