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Special Unusual Sichuan Opera Face Changing Theme Egg Shape Handmade Wooden Russian Nesting Dolls Matryoshka Dolls Set 5 Pieces For Kids Toy Birthday Christmas Gift Home Decoration Collection

Main features:
- New kind Russian nesting dolls with China sichuan opera theme,very special
- One of the famous unique technique of sichuan opera is face changing!|Each doll is different face!
- Contains 5 dolls with decreasing size placed one inside the other to appear as one
- It's a gift or souvenir which is out of ordinary,outstanding among general gifts
- Unusual theme,it's worth to collect.Special decoration to feel the charm of sichuan opera

Matryoshka is the most famous Russian souvenir, it is considered to be a phenomenon in the world culture, a puzzle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma, soul of Russia.
The art of the Russian matryoshka is the most comprehensive account of the history, production, varieties, and creators of these charming nesting dolls.
In their short-100 year history, these nesting dolls have become more than a popular souvenir or a folk craft; they are a medium for the talented Russian artists - and a symbol of Russian folk culture.
This is a new kind nesting dolls with sichuan opera theme,special and unique.

Size: The height of the largest one is 15.5cm/6.1inch.
Fit for kids 12 months and up.

Package Include:
1*5pcs nesting dolls.

Put them in dry condition.
Patterns, colors and shapes may vary slightly due to the fact that nesting dolls are handmade.

Brand: Winterworm

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