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Stackable Vertical Wall Hanging Pot Planter Garden Window Planter Self Watering 2 Pocket Set(yellow)

Main features:
- 1 basin: the use of PP resin materials in line with international standards, through the ISO 9001 standard.
- 2 outer basin: using PP material, the shell size is 15X27X16cm.
- Applicable objects: flowers / plants.
- The outer box can hold certain amount of water in it, excess water can flow through the drainage hole. The drainage hole can also be plugged to stop water leaking on your flower when use indoor.
- Easy to set up on any location, you can nail it on the wall, or hanging it with metal hooks or fix it with nylon cable ties.

Layboo Stackable Vertical Wall Hanging Pot Planter garden Window planter Self Watering 2 Pocket Set
Color:White/green/yellow/Orange red
weight:1.32 LB
1 × Planters
Design more scientific, inner basin water leakage, water storage tank with a small height design, watering worry. Good choice of indoor plant wall! Can be superimposed, can stand. Put the desktop, hanging walls can be oh!
wall mountable 2 pocket self-watering planter, ideal for mounting on wall, railing to be decorated with your favorite flowers, herbs, succulents or plants and save space.

Brand: Layboo

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